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Swimming Pool

We're Hiring!

The Acacia Association is seeking reliable and trustworthy Pool Attendants and a Pool Manager for the 2024 season.


Please review the job descriptions below and send us an email with your resume if you would like to be considered. 

The Department of Motor Vehicles has opened three sites for Seniors Only (age 65 and older)

All facilities are open from 8:00am – 4:00pm Monday through Friday

Walk-Ins welcome - no appointment needed


They offer the following:

            REAL IDs

            Drivers License

            State ID cards

            Vehicle registration sticker

            Organ and tissue donor registration

            Voter registration

            In-car driving tests


Bridgeview Community Center

7902 Oketo Ave

Bridgeview, IL 

(708) 594-2525

For additional information about the Bridgeview Community Center DMV, call (800) 252-8980 or visit


50 East Oak St

Addison, IL

Westchester Village Hall

10300 W. Roosevelt Road

Westchester, IL


For more information, please call (800) 252-8980 option 2.


Need Help Shoveling Your Snow? 

 Reach out to: 

        Chano  (773) 829-5812

       Javier   (815) 514-4779

       Livia     (917) 825-9812




Stop in the clubhouse to participate in Acacia's Book Exchange. Share your books that you no longer want and help yourself to some new ones.

We have a wide variety of books and magazines available.

Need  Help?

We got a guy(s)!

Acacia Association

Crew Members Available for Side Work


Jose Antonio Ambriz Herrera: (773) 655-7086

Sergio Tinoco: (708) 963-7558

Roy Rosales:    (630) 880-9420


  • Paint In/Out

  • Repair decks and balconies

  • Repair roofing

  • Drywall

  • Woodwork (Carpenter)

  • Patio Work

  • Clean and repair gutters

  • Paint decks        


Flavio Tena: (708) 682-0171

Victor Tena (708) 527-6349


  • Maintaining Gardens/yards

  • Planting/removing trees and bushes

  • Pot planting, Mulch in gardens/trees

  • Trimming bushes

  • Painting and power washing decks

  • Power washing patios/walkways

  • Moving furniture

  • Placing PVC pipe in ground for gutters

  • Cleaning out gutters

  • Clean weeds

Edgar Murillo (708) 315-3559

Juan Murillo (708) 616-2014


  • Various Landscape Work

  • Tree trimming, planting and removal

Javier (815) 514-4779


  • Yard work

  • Painting

  • Deck Staining

  • Power Washing

Road Construction is Complete!
What exactly is under Acacia Drive?

Finally! We all survived the Acacia Drive reconstruction project and Acacia resident Jerry Buttimer has generously provided us with some fun footage of the entire process. 


About 50 retention boxes were installed before rebuilding the street. The boxes weigh about 16,000 lbs each and interlock for a continuous system. It required a large excavator, front loader, trench box for safety and truckloads of gravel to set the boxes properly and support the new roadbed. 

Watch the focus and skill of the excavator operator and the muscle of the machine. It amazing that it was a game of inches with such large moving parts!

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