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Included in this section, you will find a map of the entire association, the snowplow routes, the tree trimming schedule, and the paint cycle schedule.

acacia map

The tree trimming crew works in tandem with the painting crew, trimming the trees in advance of the painters, thus the same schedule.

When will my driveway be plowed?


Look for the Snow Route Plan Number. Each snow event takes approximately 8-10 hours to plow.

Snow Route Plan 1 - starts at 102 Cascade; ends at 5 Cascade

Snow Route Plan 2 - starts at 5 Cascade; ends at 102 Cascade

Snow Route Plan 3 - starts at 1 Elmwood; ends at 2 Westwood

Snow Route Plan 4 - starts at 2 Westwood; ends at 1 Elmwood

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